Nowadays, the blender is no longer a strange thing, but it is considered one of the indispensable items in every kitchen. Blender helps you in cooking and preparing delicious, cool drinks. But do you know how to choose a blender to suit the capacity and performance that is suitable for each family? In the article below, we will help you better understand the blender, and suggest to you how to choose the best quality blender that best suits your needs. self and family.

What is a blender?

A blender is a kitchen appliance that is often used to blend, grind, and grind food for the purpose of the user. The blender will make your kitchen work lighter. Instead of having to spend time using a mortar and pestle to stab and crush food, you just need to put everything in the blender and press the button, very easy, convenient and saving time and effort.

Besides, the blender also helps you prepare many different drinks, including delicious and attractive smoothies to help supplement nutrients for the whole family.

With its uses, blenders are increasingly popular and have become one of the indispensable items in every family’s kitchen. Currently, many types of blenders have been upgraded, integrating many new and more modern features, solving many needs of users.

Structure and working principle of blender

Blenders have many different designs and structures, but in general, most still operate on the principle of using a metal blade attached to an electric motor to grind and grind food. The structure of a blender consists of 2 parts: the blender and the body.

The mill is the part containing the food for grinding and grinding. Included with the blender will be a metal blade for grinding food and a lid to prevent food from being splashed out. Currently, there are many types of blenders that use removable blades, so it is very convenient to clean or replace. The material of the mill has also been changed to be more diverse, creating more quality and eye-catching designs to suit the tastes of users.

The blender body consists of an electric motor and a control panel. This part will connect to the mill through the blender gear set and is fixed by the mounting joints. When the switch is turned on, the electric motor (also known as the motor) will rotate and transmit to the cutter through the gear, thereby helping to grind and grind food.
When the electric motor is transmitted to the cutter, it will help break the food with a great force, and at the same time help the food rotate continuously and be broken evenly until the user’s requirements are met. Depending on the capacity of each blender, the force acting on the food will be different, and the food grinding time will also be different.

Instructions for using, cleaning, and preserving the blender

To make the most of the performance and use the blender for a long time, you should refer to the following machine usage:
When buying the machine, it is necessary to carefully check again the switches, buttons, wires, see if the mill part is cracked or not, the wire is open or not, the button, the switch is loose. loose or not,… You can put a little ice in the machine and a little water and grind it. If you can see the sound of the engine running smoothly, the engine is quiet.

Pay attention to install the body and the mill so that it fits and fits together.

Before disassembling components, make sure that the plug is unplugged from the electrical outlet.

Many people have the habit of not pressing the switch after grinding, but unplugging the plug from the electrical outlet. This is a very dangerous habit, affecting the engine and the durability of the machine.
When grinding food, you should press for the machine to run for about 5 – 15 seconds, then stop and continue to press the blender. Repeat this “press – drop” operation until the food is ground to your requirements.
Use the appropriate mill and blade for the intended use.
It is recommended to cut the food into small pieces before putting it in the blender. This will help you grind faster while helping to preserve and protect the machine.
After grinding, only the body and parts with wires should be cleaned with a dry cloth. The rest can be washed with water.
For hot foods such as porridge, etc., it is advisable to let it cool down a bit before putting it in the blender.
Read the instruction manual provided with the product carefully before use.