Hair clippers seem to be a familiar accessory for every user, but not everyone can use and choose a quality product for themselves. And the Enchen Humming bird with its custom flexible cutter head design, power capacity, and long battery life will be the equipment that will help you easily style your hair for yourself and your family without having to spend a lot of time. or complex operations.

This is a product for the Chinese domestic market, so the entire box is in Chinese. On the product, it says that the input charger is 5V. The battery capacity of the device is 1000mAh. To fully charge the battery for the trimmer takes 3 hours and can be used for 4 hours continuously. If each cut takes 30 minutes, you can use it for 8 months (on average, once a month) And the accompanying manuals are also in Chinese, not in English.

The box inside the product is neatly arranged but not very complete.

In this product, set includes 3 plastic comb heads with 3 different sizes. This means that you can only adjust 3 hairs to cut. Without the plastic comb head, you can cut as close as 0.3mm.

A USB charging cord but no charging cup is common for Xiaomi products. We can use a phone charger for it or plug it into a power bank.
A bottle of oil swims into the tip of the blade, for a smoother and smoother cut.
A small brush to clean the trimmer after cutting.
The body is made of ABS plastic with a steel blade tip.

The tail has a metal hook for hanging. The product is a domestic product, so there is only one guarantee stamp of the sales shop. Warranty 12 months. xiaomi mijia lfq02kl
The lower body has some information like on the box.
The blade head is made of steel.
This tip can be removed for cleaning after cutting.

The whole product is a compact design, looks very beautiful. With a capacity of 10W when running the vibrator is quite strong. Tried cutting, the blade is quite sharp, cutting hair is very sweet.

Panchen hair trimmer is equipped with a powerful capacity of up to 10W with a motor speed of 7100 rpm. From there, it helps users easily handle from soft to hard hair, from thick to thin hair more smoothly and quickly. Despite such a high-power new operation, the Hummingbird still has an extremely low noise level of only 50dB that does not seem to cause noise when operating.

The Enchen Hummingbird hair clipper is equipped with an ultra-thin and dense T-tooth cutter with an all-steel material. In particular, the blade is also divided into 3 limits from 0.5-1.5mm to help users easily control the hair length to be cut, create a simpler style at will, avoid cutting mistakes or mistakes. This design is very suitable for inexperienced people who want to use and style it as they want.