Lining N9 Fu Haifeng badminton racket is creating a craze in the badminton community recently. So what makes it so attractive to players? In this article, I would like to give a rating based on the time of use.

Lining N9 Fu HaiFeng Badminton Racket


Indeed, I broke a sweat when I learned about the technology of the N9 or all of the Lining’s racquets. Perhaps Lining did not notice this extremely important thing. I couldn’t find a page about the company’s technology.

Lining N9

Here are some of the technologies I chose.

Lining N9 Fu Haifeng badminton racket is manufactured from high-grade superconducting carbon fiber, combined with TB-Nano technology, increasing controllability, stable twist angle to ensure high elasticity. The Aerotec system makes the frame sturdy and strong. Modified Turbo Technology (Supercharger System) is a very powerful attack technology. There is also HDF technology – technology to help prevent vibrations for the racquet.

Actual experience of Lining N9 Haifeng badminton racket

Lining N9 Fu Haifeng has only one version, 3U -89G, which is probably also one of the barriers for movement players.

As far as I know, a racquet with a balance point of 295mm is equivalent to a balanced racquet. BG65Ti tension racket 11kg.


The racket has a moderate hardness in my opinion, only slightly better than the Yonex Nanoray 900 badminton racket, with the same weight of 89g, but I always feel the racket is a bit heavier than Nr900. Due to the weight of the racket and its relative stiffness, the shuttle’s gentle stroke still reaches the end of the court. The ability to accurately remove spherical fonts is also appreciated by me.


Right after fonts, I always love to try smashes when I try them for the first time. It can be said that the offensive racket is extremely impressive. For someone who is not as good at attacking as I am, it surprised my fellow players. It is no exaggeration to say that Lining’s Turbo Changer technology works very well. The thin beveled racquet is also the point that helps the speed to create better power.


Lining N9’s reflective ability is also a strong point. Also due to the rubber design I mentioned above made my crosses very accurate, which I didn’t when using the Nr900.

Drop it, online

Thanks to HDF anti-vibration technology, Lining N9 Fu Haifeng has a very good racket feel when kicking. The small pictures give me a pretty realistic feel. Processing on the grid is quite fast and accurate. But with the weight of 3U, by the third set, I felt that the processing phase on the grid was no longer as accurate as of the original.


Defense is one of the two most important things in doubles. With Lining N9 Fu Haifeng, I also proved more difficult in the final set. At first, I felt very excited when defending, the shuttles bounced well, taking advantage of the opponent’s mistakes when attacking, I launched a forehand counter-attack that made both sides unable to react. But the later my fitness went down, the more difficult things became for me.

Stress level, endurance

Lining N9 Fu Haifeng has a glossy but thin paint, so I think this is a racket with good paint, not easy to peel. And with a maximum tension of 28LBS ~ 12.6kg, it is enough to bear the weight of people with more strength than people. The 11kg average that we movement players often use, in my opinion, is durable. However, don’t try to test its durability with the ways we still break the racket.

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