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The Xiaomi Enchen Hummingbird trimmer has a flexible cutting head with electric capacity, long battery life

Hair clippers seem to be a familiar accessory for every user, but not everyone can use and choose a quality product for themselves. And the Enchen Humming bird with its custom flexible cutter head design, power capacity, and long battery life will be the equipment that will help you easily style your hair for yourself and your family without having to spend a lot of time. or complex operations.

This is a product for the Chinese domestic market, so the entire box is in Chinese. On the product, it says that the input charger is 5V. The battery capacity of the device is 1000mAh. To fully charge the battery for the trimmer takes 3 hours and can be used for 4 hours continuously. If each cut takes 30 minutes, you can use it for 8 months (on average, once a month) And the accompanying manuals are also in Chinese, not in English.

The box inside the product is neatly arranged but not very complete.

In this product, set includes 3 plastic comb heads with 3 different sizes. This means that you can only adjust 3 hairs to cut. Without the plastic comb head, you can cut as close as 0.3mm.

A USB charging cord but no charging cup is common for Xiaomi products. We can use a phone charger for it or plug it into a power bank.
A bottle of oil swims into the tip of the blade, for a smoother and smoother cut.
A small brush to clean the trimmer after cutting.
The body is made of ABS plastic with a steel blade tip.

The tail has a metal hook for hanging. The product is a domestic product, so there is only one guarantee stamp of the sales shop. Warranty 12 months. xiaomi mijia lfq02kl
The lower body has some information like on the box.
The blade head is made of steel.
This tip can be removed for cleaning after cutting.

The whole product is a compact design, looks very beautiful. With a capacity of 10W when running the vibrator is quite strong. Tried cutting, the blade is quite sharp, cutting hair is very sweet.

Panchen hair trimmer is equipped with a powerful capacity of up to 10W with a motor speed of 7100 rpm. From there, it helps users easily handle from soft to hard hair, from thick to thin hair more smoothly and quickly. Despite such a high-power new operation, the Hummingbird still has an extremely low noise level of only 50dB that does not seem to cause noise when operating.

The Enchen Hummingbird hair clipper is equipped with an ultra-thin and dense T-tooth cutter with an all-steel material. In particular, the blade is also divided into 3 limits from 0.5-1.5mm to help users easily control the hair length to be cut, create a simpler style at will, avoid cutting mistakes or mistakes. This design is very suitable for inexperienced people who want to use and style it as they want.

Voice Studio FX converts your text into REAL voice and it’s not the sound of a robot.

Voice Studio FX converts your text into REAL sounding voice. Not the sound of a robot. Not full of weird pauses and weird speech rhythms. Not something you’d be embarrassed to include in your videos and on your website.

What does almost every video, promotional video, a sales video, need? FEED, TAKE CARE. They need a human voice to read scripts, explain concepts, and engage viewers. The problem is that Voiceover is very expensive! Go to freelance websites and you’ll find that you can end up paying a heavy price for your dub.

They are usually priced by word count. I looked at a highly rated voiceover provider and found they charge $200 for 100 words and $25 for every 1 to 100 additional words. The average 5- to the 6-minute video has about 1,000 words and costs $425. Even paying a quarter of that is too much.

Luckily, there’s something new that will turn YOU into a voiceover expert without the need for recording equipment, confusing software, or even talent. And people will even pay YOU to create their own dubs (I’ll give you the secret of that in a moment). It’s called Voice Studio FX and it can turn any text into a human voice (NOT ROBOTIC!) in fact in just 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Sign in and choose your voice (there are 12 options)
  • Step 2: Type or paste your text in the box
  • Step 3: Click the Synthesize button and your dub is ready to download in seconds (seriously)

It is easy. Other apps emit cryptic robot speeches that will wow your viewers and visitors and turn them off. You won’t believe your ears when you hear what Voice Studio FX can do. Every voice sounds so real, you won’t be able to tell the difference. And here’s the best part. While other apps make you pay monthly or even buy credits every time you want to voice over, you have to pay once with Voice Studio FX. You get up to 30,000 credits in your account and then they will transfer the same amount to your account the following month. And next month. And next month.

So no more: Pay freelancers over and over to do your dubbing, Pay a freelancer to do the same dub work again when you need a change (only need to login to your console and paste your changed text – it even saves your old projects!). Waiting forever to not see your freelancer send results. Pay a monthly fee for robotic voice creators. Buy multiple conversion credits. Just join with Voice Studio FX and you’re good to go in minutes.

Now, this is important, here is the key to your chance. Right now they are offering a Commercial License version! With this, YOU can be the one who gets paid to produce the voiceover for the client. Grab your piece of this lucrative pie today and start earning!

12 Realistic Human Audio Voices: You will get not 1, not 2, not 6, but TWELVE of actual male and female voices. You will always have the right voice for your needs. They’ve made sure that Voice Studio FX’s voices are state-of-the-art, so your dubs all sound natural and authentic. Listen to yourself!

You get up to 30,000 credits per month: Other voiceover app services help you buy credits. They GIVE them to you. They won’t make you pickpocket every time you need to voice over. Voice Studio FX gives you up to 30,000 character conversion credits, so you’ll have plenty to work with. And next month… they will reload the same amount into your account! That means major savings for you. videocreator!

Super simple dashboard design, totally newbie-friendly: They made high-quality voiceover creation as simple as 1-2-3. No software installation or IT degree is required to use Voice Studio FX. Simply log in to your dashboard from anywhere, select your voice, type or paste your text, then click the Aggregate button. Your dub will be ready in SECONDS!

The artificial intelligence engine makes voices real: The voice of the robot makes your customers and listeners go away. Their AI engine makes sure your dub doesn’t just sound right… they FEEL right. Most text-to-speech applications use Amazon Polly or Google Wave Net to generate voiceovers for them. The result gives listeners the creepy feeling that they’re hearing a machine talking to them. Not with Voice Studio FX, their AI engine infuses real emotion and inspiration into your voice acting, so your listeners will keep listening and your buyers will buy!

Genuine Victor ARS 9 badminton racket – The source of Speed ​​and Flexibility

One of the super products that have just been launched by the Victor badminton brand from Taiwan aimed at badminton players is the genuine Victor ARS 9 badminton racket – The source of Speed ​​and Flexibility.

In the Auraspeed Series in favor of Speed ​​with the ability to handle the ball flexibly in all aspects in both attack and defense, the Victor ARS 9 badminton racket will certainly be a reasonable choice for you. Love the all-around crafting style!

The Victor ARS 9 racquet will be released with 2 versions 3U and 4U with a balance point of about 295mm, medium-stiff body, so the attack ability of the racket is very impressive, each smash goes fast, strong and The level of the bridge is high, compared to the defense, the offensive ability of the racket can be ranked as 6-4. In addition, despite saying that, when using her it defends, the cross is also extremely escaped, flying all the way to the end of the field.

In particular, the genuine Victor ARS 9 badminton racket is designed with extremely meticulous and eye-catching details with the main Ivory White tone combined with strong Blue Sky motifs to create an overall racquet with a unique appearance. both modern and elegant. Racquets suitable for movement players, semi-professionals, and high-level players will be easier to master the racquet.

In short, Victor ARS 9 is a Speed-oriented New 2021 racquet that is worthy for any player who loves Counter-Strike, Net Capture to experience, guaranteed to enjoy. In addition, the Victor ARS 9 super product will also have a super outstanding Banana Green and Emerald Green color version to create more choices for players!

Specifications of Victor ARS 9 high-end badminton racket

  • Hardness: Medium
  • Racket Frame: Graphite + Resin
  • Shaft: Graphite + Resin + 6.8 SHAFT
  • Weight: 3U, 4U
  • Grip circumference: 3U G5; 4U G5, G6
  • Maximum tension: 3U ≦26 lbs (11.5Kg); 4U 24 lbs (11.5Kg)
  • Equilibrium: Balance.
  • Color: White with Blue Sky
  • Victor ARS 9 high-end badminton racket made in Taiwan

Technology applied to quality badminton racket Victor ARS 9

  • Ultra-Thin Frame: is a technology used by Victor to create racquet frames that are thinner than traditional frames. With the use of this technology, the quality Victor ARS 9 badminton racket has a frame that is 7% thinner than other normal racquet products. This is a breakthrough in badminton racket design that improves the player’s swing speed while maintaining frame stiffness and performance.
  • COMPOUND-SWORD: Compound-Sword frame increases speed and stability. The top of the frame reduces air resistance, the middle improves the user’s ability to transfer energy to the sphere, and the bottom increases stability and speed by dramatically reducing any twisting forces. . This ensures plenty of speed for shots and defense, and provides stability for precise smashes.
  • SEVEN-SIX 76: Single grommet hole structure creates less friction between chains, which effectively reduces stress loss while prolonging chain life and best badminton shuttlecock for beginners 2022.

Players who are suitable for Victor ARS 9 good badminton rackets

Genuine Victor ARS 9 badminton racket with 4U version will be suitable for people with average wrist strength, movement players, and 3U will be more demanding such as semi-professional players, tb-good level or higher. Suitable for people who have a balanced play, like to control the bridge, like to smash the bridge unexpectedly, and many techniques of erosion.

Victor JS 01 badminton racket is manufactured by Victor based on advanced technology

Victor JS 01 badminton racket is manufactured by Victor based on the typical technology of the Jetspeed series. This is a racquet that is famous for its balance but still has the ability to support the smash very well.

Victor JS 01 badminton racket with many new technology improvements, especially the AERODYNAMIC elliptical rim design reduces friction and air resistance increases control and speed of the racquet head.

In addition, along with its own unique technologies, Victor JS 01 is increasingly popular with players when from technology to exterior design, it gives players the best hitting feeling best yonex badminton racket.

The racquet is painted with a blue racquet color that is almost a symbol of Victor’s color, the bright yellow color on the racket increases the prominence and impression of the racket.

Specifications of Victor JS 01 badminton racket

  • Hardness: Medium
  • Racket Frame: Graphite + Resin.
  • Body: Graphite + Resin + 7.0 SHAFT.
  • Weight: 3U, 4U
  • Grip circumference: 3U G4, G5; 4U/G5
  • Tension level: 9 – 11 kg
  • Color: Blue/Yellow

Technology applied to Victor JS 01 badminton racket

  • AERRO DYNAMIC: Elliptical construction reduces air resistance, providing greater wear resistance to maximize control and stroke speed.
  • NANO-TEC: Uniformly distributes nano-sized particles in the spaces between the carbon fiber bundles, which increases the overall stiffness of the carbon composites and reduces frame distortion.
  • SEVEN-SIX76: The structure of the gene holes is produced in a single form, reducing the friction between the gene holes, which helps to increase the using time of the gene holes.
  • CAPAULT STRUCTURE (catapult structure): stores and emits the best energy on slam for maximum effectiveness creating a powerful catapult-like effect at opponents with 9.75% bonus force.
  • ENERGY BOW UPGRADE: Based on the principles of mechanics, Upgraded Energy is designed with an ultra-slim frame to enhance performance against torsion and stabilization, while ensuring efficient energy transfer to get the most out of your life. make the best use of the energy of the strike force and the resilience of the frame.
  • TERS: is a system of reducing drag, anti-vibration for the shaft of the racquet. With technology made from aerospace engineering, materials have a compact structure, which increases the elasticity of the frame by 9% and shock absorption by 2.9%. Meanwhile, frame flexibility is reinforced by 7.4% and resilience is enhanced by 8.8%, allowing for optimized elastic force transmission.

Objects suitable for Victor JS 01 badminton racket

Suitable for people with average wrist strength and suitable for people with a balanced play, both attacking the ball and countering the defense. Suitable for people with average playing level. In addition, if you are a beginner, please see the following article for details: The best badminton racket for beginners 2022